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Leftover Currency

“I highly recommend Tom and his team. SMOOF created my digital product Leftover Currency. The product works beyond my expectations and the orders just keep coming.” Mario Van Poppel

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Save the stress! Get a website that works

Helping companies like yours make amazing websites that increase leads, revenue and save you a lot of stress. We specialise in UX, UI and design thinking. If you want to take your user experience to the next level hire SMOOF and do it right.


emble is a new social event planning platform that we built from scratch.

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Cambridge Market Research

Cambridge Market Research are one of the country’s leading market research agencies.

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Revitalised offer a wide range of applications designed to improve wellbeing.

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UX video teardown for Trustedhousitters


Welcome to the third in our series of UX video teardowns. For this session we'll be focusing on, a company that matches pet owners with pet/housesitters i.e. a person who will look after both house and pet whilst the owner is away.

This is a simple

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Ten Top UX Hotfixes using Optimizely

Check out this fantastic blog post by Tom Starley on UX hotfixes and find out how you can improve your home page alongside discovering the delights of Optimizely – an excellent A/B testing tool if you're in the traffic testing market.

Tom's blog posts are always packed with practical advice

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Brighter UX teardown video

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Check out the Brighter Mattress UX teardown video above to find out how you can increase your page conversion by marrying UX and design

Hey wait, what's the video about?

This 23min brighter UX teardown video delves into the world of mattresses, more precisely, Brighter Mattresses as seen on their

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Limiting choice improves UX - fact!


There's no better place to start than from a clean slate which is why we're going to strip away all the bells and whistles, smoke and mirrors, and highlight how limiting options improves UX.

'Limiting options improves UX' might seem like something of a bizarre statement however, think about your

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Andrew Reynolds, Revitalised

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